Educational Exchange Program with École Polytechnique


Option Representative

Joanna Austin

Options Manager

Christine Ramirez

An educational exchange program is offered by the Aerospace option with Ecole Polytechnique (EP). In this exchange program, students selected for participation from Caltech will enroll for one year at EP. Correspondingly, students selected for the program from EP will enroll for one year at Caltech. To be eligible to par­ticipate, Aerospace students must have completed one full year of study (for Caltech students this is equivalent to the requirements for the MS degree) and agree that they will spend one full year at EP. First year (G1) graduate students enrolled in Caltech’s doctoral aerospace program will be apprised of the opportunity to participate in an educational exchange program at the masters level at EP. The student(s) will be selected by the Aerospace faculty from the pool of students who express interest in this program. Caltech students will follow their first (master’s) year at Caltech, and their second year in the second year masters (M2) program at EP.

Caltech students must fulfill the requirements of their first year program and receive their Caltech MS diploma prior to proceed­ing to EP. Caltech students must register at Caltech during the year spent at Ecole Polytechnique and enroll in the special course Ae 240 – Educational exchange at Ecole Polytechnique. This ensures that they maintain their standing as enrolled graduate stu­dents at Caltech. It is implied that classes taken at one institution cannot duplicate classes already taken at the other institution. The expectation is that Caltech students will return to Caltech after completing the EP program and continue with their doctoral stud­ies at Caltech. Caltech students should be prepared to take the qualifying exams in the fall term when they return from EP. Caltech students participating in the Caltech/EP educational exchange program will be considered to be on detached duty from Caltech while at EP. A detached duty agreement will be executed for each student that spells out the terms and requirements for the detached duty.

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Students in the Masters program at Caltech in Aeronautics or Space Engineering interested in the Dual Masters program with École Polytechnique should contact the GALCIT option representative.