Student-led Lunar Transportation Live Demonstration and Poster Session

Friday June 2, 2023 12:00 PM
Location: Beckman Mall

The Caltech LATTICE (Lunar Architecture for Tree Traversal In-service of Cabled Exploration) Team is an undergraduate-led project developing a deployable robotic zipline for shuttling payloads into and out of craters on the Moon. Winner of the Visionary Concept Award at the 2022 NASA BIG Idea Challenge Forum, the LATTICE system has been tested in a relevant Earth environment and now will be available to the Caltech community in a live demonstration on campus.

The LATTICE robot will traverse the 45m span between the 12m-tall rooftops of Baxter Hall and Beckman Laboratories to simulate the rims of a lunar crater. This live demonstration will be accompanied by a poster session and promotion of the new ME/EE/CS 75 capstone course, which will focus on the LATTICE and CRATER (a student-led rover) projects.