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Name Title Option Advisor
Oshima, Emile Kazuo Experimental Studies of Flow Control Techniques for Future Aircraft Ae Gharib
Renn, Peter Ian James Applied Machine Learning for Prediction and Control of Fluid Flows Ae Gharib
Barthel, Benedikt On the Variational Principles of Linear and Nonlinear Resolvent Analysis Ae McKeon
Dorn, Charles Jacob Geometry Synthesis and Multi-Configuration Rigidity of Reconfigurable Structures SE Pellegrino
Dougherty, Christopher John On the Experimental Simulation of Atmospheric-Like Disturbances Near the Surface Ae Gharib
Hooper, Morgan Louise Characterization and Optimization of a Fully Passive Flapping Foil in an Unsteady Environment for Power Production and Propulsion Ae McKeon
Marshall, Michael Aaron Dynamics of Ultralight Flexible Spacecraft During Slew Maneuvers SE Pellegrino
Song, Yichuan Rheological Measurements in Moderate Reynolds Number Liquid-Solid Flows Ae Hunt
Veismann, Marcel Axial Descent of Multirotor Configurations -- Experimental Studies for Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Applications Ae Gharib
Jones, Silken Michelle Thermal Ignition by Vertical Cylinders Ae Shepherd
Joshi, Akshay A Shock Compression Investigation of Failure Waves and Phase Transition in Soda-Lime Glass Ae Ravichandran
Lawson, Joel Michael Focused Laser Differential Interferometry Ae Austin
Nakka, Yashwanth Kumar Spacecraft Motion Planning and Control under Probabilistic Uncertainty for Coordinated Inspection and Safe Learning SE Chung
Pastor, Daniel Towards Learning Robotic Dynamics: Application to Multirotor Takeoff and Landing SE Burdick
Pedivellano, Antonio Deployment Dynamics of Thin-Shell Space Structures SE Pellegrino
Royer, Fabien A. Probing the Buckling of Thin-Shell Space Structures SE Pellegrino
Shamai, Maysam Complexity Reduction of Fluid-Structure Systems at Low Forcing Frequencies Ae McKeon
Shen, Naijian Part I: The Equations of Plasma Physics and the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in Magnetohydrodynamics. Part II: Evolution of Perturbed Planar Shockwaves. Ae Pullin
Shi, Xichen Intelligent Control for Fixed-Wing eVTOL Aircraft SE Chung
Toedtli, Simon Silvio Control of Wall-Bounded Turbulence Through Closed-Loop Wall Transpiration Ae McKeon
Ferraro, Serena Topology Optimization and Failure Analysis of Deployable Thin Shells with Cutouts SE Pellegrino
Figueroa-Schibber, Erika High-Cycle Dynamic Cell Fatigue with Applications on Oncotripsy SE Ortiz
García Suárez, Antonio Joaquín Application of Path-Independent Integrals to Soil-Structure Interaction Ae Asimaki
Leclerc, Christophe Mechanics of Ultra-Thin Composite Coilable Structures SE Pellegrino
Leibowitz, Matthew Gregory Hypervelocity Shock Tunnel Studies of Blunt Body Aerothermodynamics in Carbon Dioxide for Mars Entry Ae Austin
McMullen, Ryan Michael Aspects of Reduced-Order Modeling of Turbulent Channel Flows: From Linear Mechanisms to Data-Driven Approaches Ae McKeon
Pajunen, Kirsti Mari Dynamics of Lightweight Tensegrity-Inspired Metamaterials Fabricated with 3D-Printing SE Daraio
Talon, Thibaud Surface Reconstruction from Distributed Angle Measurements SE Pellegrino
Yanes, Nelson Javier Ultraviolet Radiation of Hypervelocity Stagnation Flows and Shock/Boundary-Layer Interactions Ae Austin
Bilgi, Pavaman Optimization of CCD Charge Transfer for Ground and Space-Based Astronomy Ae Kulkarni, Pellegrino
Deffo Nde, Arnold Durel A Line-Free Method of Monopoles for 3D Dislocation Dynamics Ae Ortiz
Dhandapani, Chandru Using the Force: Applications and Implications of Turbulence Forcing Terms in Direct Numerical Simulations Ae Blanquart
Guerrero Vela, Pedro Pablo Plasma Surface Interactions in LaB₆ Hollow Cathodes with Internal Xe Gas Discharge SE Meiron
Huertas-Cerdeira, Cecilia On the Dynamics of Flat Plates in a Fluid Environment: A Study of Inverted Flag Flapping and Caudal Fin Maneuvering Ae Gharib
Huynh, David Pham Spatio-Temporal Response of a Compliant-Wall, Turbulent Boundary Layer System to Dynamic Roughness Forcing Ae McKeon
Kettenbeil, Christian Dynamic Strength of Silica Glasses at High Pressures and Strain Rates SE Ravichandran
Kumar, Siddhant An Enhanced Maximum-Entropy Based Meshfree Method: Theory and Applications Ae Kochmann
Morgan, Jonathan Philip Linear and Non-linear Interactions in a Rough-Wall Turbulent Boundary Layer Ae McKeon
Phlipot, Gregory Paul A Fully-Nonlocal Quasicontinuum Method to Model the Nonlinear Response of Periodic Truss Lattices SE Kochmann
Ratnaswamy, Vishagan Constraining the Mantle's Rheology Using Methods in Uncertainty Quantification Ae Gurnis
Sridhar, Akshay Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Boundary Layers with Spatially Varying Roughness SE Pullin
Tutcuoglu, Abbas Davud Stochastic Multiscale Modeling of Dynamic Recrystallization SE Kochmann
Veilleux, Jean-Christophe Pressure and Stress Transients in Autoinjector Devices Ae Shepherd
Vidyasagar, A. Predicting Microstructural Pattern Formation Using Stabilized Spectral Homogenization Ae Kochmann
Wang, Cong On the Manipulation of a Turbulent Boundary Layer by Unsteady Boundary Conditions Ae Gharib
Wei, Yuchen Deployable Piezoelectric Thin Shell Structures: Concepts, Characterization and Vibration Control SE Pellegrino
Braun, Noah Oakley An LES and RANS Study of the Canonical Shock-Turbulence Interaction Ae Pullin, Meiron
Fragoso, Anthony Thomas Egospace Motion Planning Representations for Micro Air Vehicles Ae Murray
Gat, Ilana Batya Investigations of Incompressible Variable-Density Turbulence in an External Acceleration Field Ae Dimotakis
Gori, Marcello Laboratory Investigation of Shear Ruptures: Supersonic Propagation and Nucleation by Fluid Injection Ae Rosakis, Lapusta
Grivel, Morgane Anne Marie On the Effect of Large-Scale Patterned Wettability on Contact Line Hydrodynamics Ae Gharib
Kirchdoerfer, Trenton Thomas Data Driven Computing Ae Ortiz
Martin, Nathan Koon-Hung Analysis of Flapping Propulsion: Comparison, Characterization, and Optimization Ae Gharib
Mateos Arrieta, Arturo José Tensile Failure and Fracture of Three-Dimensional Brittle Nanolattices Ae Greer
Newman, Matthew Gregory On the Kinetics of Materials of Geophysical Interest Ae Ravichandran
Rosenberg, Kevin Thomas Resolvent-Based Modeling of Flows in a Channel Ae McKeon
Sakovsky, Maria Design and Characterization of Dual-Matrix Composite Deployable Space Structures SE Pellegrino
Schlup, Jason Robert Numerical Investigations of Transport and Chemistry Modeling for Lean Premixed Hydrogen Combustion Ae Blanquart
Symon, Sean Pearson Reconstruction and Estimation of Flows Using Resolvent Analysis and Data-Assimilation Ae McKeon
Delapierre, Mélanie Dynamics and Stability of Spinning Membranes SE Pellegrino
Hirsch, Damian George An Experimental and Theoretical Study of Active Flow Control Ae Gharib
Hogstrom, Kristina Robotically Assembled Space Telescopes with Deployable Modules: Concepts and Design Methodologies SE Pellegrino
Hufstedler, Esteban Antonio Lemus Experimental Generation and Modeling of Vortical Gusts and Their Interactions with an Airfoil Ae McKeon
Nadkarni, Neel P. Nonlinear Dynamics of Transition Waves in Multi-Stable Discrete and Continuous Media Ae Kochmann, Daraio
Palm, Steven Leslie Thermo-Acoustic Coupling and Dynamic Response of a Premixed Methane-Air Flame Ae Culick
Roh, Chris Hydrodynamics of Insects. Part 1. Jetting of the Dragonfly Larvae. Part 2. Honeybee at the Air-water Interface: Surfing with the Capillary Wave Ae Gharib
Sternberger, Zachary Martin Murphy Determining Strength of Materials Under Dynamic Loading Conditions Using Hydrodynamic Instabilities Ae Ravichandran
Summy, Dustin Phillip Maximum Entropy Reconstruction for Gas Dynamics Ae Pullin
Wilson, Lee L. Analysis of Packaging and Deployment of Ultralight Space Structures SE Pellegrino
Araya, Daniel Borsodi Aerodynamics of Vertical-axis Wind Turbines in Full-scale and Laboratory-scale Experiments Ae Dabiri
Arya, Manan Packaging and Deployment of Large Planar Spacecraft Structures SE Pellegrino
Burgoyne, Hayden Andrew Dynamics of Granular Crystals with Elastic-Plastic Contacts SE Daraio
Coronel, Stephanie Alexandra Thermal Ignition Using Moving Hot Particles Ae Shepherd
Cymbalist, Niccolo Mixing, Chemical Reactions, and Combustion in Supersonic Flows Ae Dimotakis
Duvvuri, Subrahmanyam Non-Linear Scale Interactions in a Forced Turbulent Boundary Layer Ae McKeon
Lapointe, Simon Simulation of Premixed Hydrocarbon Flames at High Turbulence Intensities Ae Blanquart
Liska, Sebastian Fast Lattice Green's Function Methods for Viscous Incompressible Flows on Unbounded Domains Ae Colonius
Meng, Jomela Chen-Chen Numerical Simulations of Droplet Aerobreakup Ae Colonius
Mitchell, Stephanie Jane Metaconcrete: Engineered Aggregates for Enhanced Dynamic Performance SE Ortiz
Montemayor, Lauren Christine Fabrication, Characterization, And Deformation of 3D Structural Meta-Materials SE Greer
Schmidt, Bryan Eric On the Stability of Supersonic Boundary Layers with Injection Ae Shepherd
Bitter, Neal Phillip Stability of Hypervelocity Boundary Layers Ae Shepherd
Gabuchian, Vahe Experimental Investigation of Thrust Fault Rupture Mechanics Ae Rosakis
Mbengue, Cheikh Oumar Storm Track Response to Perturbations in Climate Ae Schneider
Ning, Xin Imperfection Insensitive Thin Shells SE Pellegrino
Savard, Bruno Characterization and Modeling of Premixed Turbulent n-Heptane Flames in the Thin Reaction Zone Regime SE Blanquart
Steeves, John Bradley Multilayer Active Shell Mirrors SE Pellegrino
Wojnar, Charles Stanley Exploring the Kinetics of Domain Switching in Ferroelectrics for Structural Applications Ae Kochmann
Cossé, Julia Theresa On the Behavior of Pliable Plate Dynamics in Wind: Application to Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Ae Gharib
Fokoua Djodom, Landry Optimal Scaling in Ductile Fracture Ae Ortiz
Jewell, Joseph Stephen Boundary-Layer Transition on a Slender Cone in Hypervelocity Flow with Real Gas Effects Ae Shepherd
John, Kristen Kathleen Strength of Tantalum at High Pressures through Richtmyer-Meshkov Laser Compression Experiments and Simulations Ae Ravichandran
Lyon, Bradley Joseph A Multi-Scale Approach to Shaping Carbon Nanotube Structures for Hollow Microneedles Ae Gharib
Maqueda Jiménez, Ignacio High Strain Composites and Dual-Matrix Composite Structures Ae Pellegrino
Mohan, Nisha Extracting Material Response from Simple Mechanical Tests on Hardening-Softening-Hardening Viscoplastic Solids SE Greer
Patterson, Keith D. Lightweight Deformable Mirrors for Future Space Telescopes Ae Pellegrino
Rabinovitch, Jason Advancing EDL Technologies for Future Space Missions: From Ground Testing Facilities to Ablative Heatshields Ae Blanquart
Richmond, Victoria Stolyar Techniques for Strength Measurement at High Pressures and Strain-Rates using Transverse Waves SE Ravichandran
Saito, Namiko Large-Eddy Simulations of Fully Developed Turbulent Channel and Pipe Flows with Smooth and Rough Walls Ae Pullin
Verma, Siddhartha Velocity Resolved - Scalar Modeled Simulations of High Schmidt Number Turbulent Transport Ae Blanquart
Xuan, Yuan Progress in Numerical Modeling of Non-Premixed Combustion Ae Blanquart
Aria, Adrianus Indrat Control of Wettability of Carbon Nanotube Array by Reversible Dry Oxidation for Superhydrophobic Coating and Supercapacitor Applications Ae Gharib
Bourguignon, Jean-Loup Models of Turbulent Pipe Flow Ae McKeon
Damazo, Jason Scott Planar Reflection of Gaseous Detonation Ae Shepherd
Gdoutos, Eleftherios E. Thin Metastructures with Engineered Thermal Expansion Ae Daraio
Jacobi, Ian Structure of the Turbulent Boundary Layer under Static and Dynamic Impulsive Roughness Perturbation Ae McKeon
Johnson, Gwendolyn Brook Modeling, Simulation, and Design of Self-Assembling Space Systems: Accurate Collision Detection, Robust Time Integration, and Optimal Control Ae Ortiz
Kwok, Kawai Mechanics of Viscoelastic Thin-Walled Structures Ae Pellegrino
Lopez Ortega, Alejandro Simulation of Richtmyer-Meshkov Flows for Elastic-Plastic Solids in Planar and Converging Geometries Using an Eulerian Framework Ae Pullin, Meiron
Mihaly, Jonathan Michael Investigation of Hypervelocity Impact Phenomena Using Real-time Concurrent Diagnostics Ae Rosakis
Parziale, Nicholaus J. Slender-Body Hypervelocity Boundary-Layer Instability Ae Shepherd, Hornung
Szelengowicz, Ivan Michel Nicolas Analysis and Optimization of Stress Wave Propagation in Two-Dimensional Granular Crystals with Defects Ae Daraio
Whittlesey, Robert Wells Dynamics and Scaling of Self-Excited Passive Vortex Generators for Underwater Propulsion Ae Dabiri
Boettcher, Philipp Andreas Thermal Ignition Ae Shepherd
Capece, Angela Maria Plasma-Surface Interactions in Hollow Cathode Discharges for Electric Propulsion Ae Shepherd, Polk
Deng, Xiaowei Clefted Equilibrium Shapes of Superpressure Balloon Structures Ae Pellegrino
Inoue, Michio Large-Eddy Simulation of the Flat-Plate Turbulent Boundary Layer at High Reynolds Numbers Ae Pullin
Khatri, Devvrath Non-Destructive Evaluation of Material System Using Highly Nonlinear Acoustic Waves Ae Daraio
LeHew, Jeffrey Allen Spatio-Temporal Analysis of the Turbulent Boundary Layer and An Investigation of the Effects of Periodic Disturbances Ae McKeon
Mello, Michael Identifying the Unique Ground Motion Signatures of Supershear Earthquakes: Theory and Experiments Ae Rosakis
Ziegler, John Lewis (Jack) Simulations of Compressible, Diffusive, Reactive Flows with Detailed Chemistry Using a High-Order Hybrid WENO-CD Scheme Ae Pullin, Shepherd
Boechler, Nicholas Sebastian Granular Crystals: Controlling Mechanical Energy with Nonlinearity and Discreteness Ae Daraio
Gonzalez, Marcial Energy and Force Stepping Integrators in Lagrangian Mechanics Ae Ortiz
Lopez Jimenez, Francisco Mechanics of Thin Carbon Fiber Composites with a Silicone Matrix Ae Pellegrino
Reina Romo, Celia Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Damage by Void Nucleation and Growth Ae Ortiz
Silva, Michael Lee Damage Evolution in Composite Materials and Sandwich Structures Under Impulse Loading Ae Ravichandran
Stohlman, Olive Remington Repeatability of Joint-Dominated Deployable Masts Ae Pellegrino
Suryanarayana, Phanish Coarse-Graining Kohn-Sham Density Functional Theory Ae Bhattacharya, Ortiz
Tchieu, Andrew Allen The Development of Low-Order Models for the Study of Fluid-Structure Interactions Ae Leonard
Venturini, Gabriela Natalia Topics in Multiscale Modeling of Metals and Metallic Alloys Ae Ortiz
Ward, Geoffrey M. The Simulation of Shock- and Impact-Driven Flows with Mie-Grüneisen Equations of State Ae Pullin
Yang, Yue Lagrangian and Vortex-Surface Fields in Turbulence Ae Pullin
Bane, Sally Page Moffett Spark Ignition: Experimental and Numerical Investigation With Application to Aviation Safety Ae Shepherd
Karnesky, James Alan Detonation Induced Strain in Tubes Ae Shepherd
Kim, Daegyoum Characteristics of Three-dimensional Vortex Formation and Propulsive Performance in Flapping Locomotion Ae Gharib
Lamberson, Leslie Elise Dynamic Optical Investigations of Hypervelocity Impact Damage Ae Rosakis
Norman, Adam Keith Effect of Surface Morphological Changes on Flow Over a Sphere Ae McKeon
Sullivan, Regina Mariko The Physics of High-Velocity Ions in the Hall Thruster Near-Field Ae Shepherd, Johnson
Chung, Daniel Numerical Simulation and Subgrid-Scale Modeling of Mixing and Wall-Bounded Turbulent Flows Ae Pullin
Kramer, Richard Michael Jack Stable High-Order Finite-Difference Interface Schemes with Application to the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability Ae Pullin
Kramer, Sharlotte Lorraine Bolyard Phase-Shifting Full-Field Interferometric Methods for In-Plane Tensorial Stress Determination for Fracture Studies Ae Ravichandran, Bhattacharya
Li, Bo The Optimal Transportation Method in Solid Mechanics Ae Ortiz
Lu, Xiao Combined Experimental and Numerical Study of Spontaneous Dynamic Rupture on Frictional Interfaces Ae Lapusta, Rosakis
Poon, Poh Chieh Benny A Critical Appraisal of Nanoindentation with Application to Elastic-Plastic Solids and Soft Materials Ae Ravichandran
Rimoli, Julian Jose A Computational Model for Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking Ae Ortiz
Bermejo-Moreno, Ivan On the Non-Local Geometry of Turbulence Ae Pullin
Franck, Christian Quantitative Characterization of 3D Deformations of Cell Interactions with Soft Biomaterials Ae Ravichandran
Lombardini, Manuel Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in Converging Geometries Ae Pullin
Matheou, Georgios Large-Eddy Simulations of Molecular Mixing in a Recirculating Shear Flow Ae Dimotakis
Graff, Emilio Castaño On the Development of Defocusing Digital Particle Image Velocimetry with Full Characterization Ae Gharib
Kidd, Theresa Hiromi Mechanical Characterization of Damage and Failure in Polymeric Foams and Glass/Epoxy Composites Ae Ravichandran
Loumes, Laurence Multilayer Impedance Pump:A Bio-Inspired Valveless Pump with Medical Applications Ae Gharib
Morris, Bradford S. Charge-Exchange Collision Dynamics and Ion Engine Grid Geometry Optimization Ae Shepherd
Mouton, Christopher Andre Transition Between Regular Reflection and Mach Reflection in the Dual-Solution Domain Ae Hornung
Rubel, Michael Thomas A Theory of Stationarity and Asymptotic Approach in Dissipative Systems Ae Leonard
Sone, Kazuo Modeling and Simulation of Axisymmetric Stagnation Flames Ae Dimotakis, Meiron
Laurence, Stuart Jon Proximal Bodies in Hypersonic Flow Ae Hornung
Lieberman, Daniel Howard Detonation Interaction with Sharp and Diffuse Interfaces Ae Shepherd
Parkin, Kevin L.G. The Microwave Thermal Thruster and Its Application to the Launch Problem Ae Culick
Zhang, Rongjing Mechanical Characterization of Thin Films with Application to Ferroelectrics Ae Ravichandran
Zielonka, Matias Gabriel Configurational Forces and Variational Mesh Adaption in Solid Dynamics Ae Ortiz
Bergthorson, Jeffrey Myles Experiments and Modeling of Impinging Jets and Premixed Hydrocarbon Stagnation Flames Ae Dimotakis
Chatelain, Philippe Contributions to the Three-Dimensional Vortex Element Method and Spinning Bluff Body Flows Ae Leonard
Dooley, Bradley Scott Stereo Digital Particle Image Velocimetry Investigation of a Free Surface Mixing Layer Ae Gharib
Faddy, James Malcolm Flow Structure in a Model of Aircraft Trailing Vortices Ae Pullin
Fung, Jimmy Coarse Analysis of Multiscale Systems: Diffuser Flows, Charged Particle Motion, and Connections to Averaging Theory Ae Murray, Marsden
Jackson, Scott Irving Gaseous Detonation Initiation Via Wave Implosion Ae Shepherd
Kowalewsky, Olga Theory of Complex Lattice Quasicontinuum and Its Application to Ferroelectrics Ae Ortiz
Ponchaut, Nicolas Frederic Part I: 3DPTV: advances and error analysis. Part II: Extension of Guderley's solution for converging shock waves Ae Hornung
Wheatley, Vincent On the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in Magnetohydrodynamics Ae Pullin
Wirz, Richard Edward Discharge Plasma Processes of Ring-Cusp Ion Thrusters Ae Culick, Polk
Barba, Lorena A. Vortex Method for Computing High-Reynolds Number Flows: Increased Accuracy with a Fully Mesh-Less Formulation Ae Leonard
Bobba, Kumar Manoj Robust Flow Stability: Theory, Computations and Experiments in Near Wall Turbulence Ae Doyle, Gharib
Chao, Tong Wa Gaseous Detonation-Driven Fracture of Tubes Ae Shepherd
Fago, Matthew Justin Constrained Sequential Lamination: Nonconvex Optimization and Material Microstructure Ae Ortiz, Ravichandran
Malhotra, Sanjeev On Combustion Instability in Solid Rocket Motors Ae Culick
O'Gorman, Paul Ambrose Theory and Simulation of Passive Scalar Mixing in the Presence of a Mean Scalar Gradient Ae Pullin
O'Reilly, Gerard Kieran Compressible Vortices and Shock-Vortex Interactions Ae Pullin
Ringuette, Matthew James Vortex Formation and Drag on Low Aspect Ratio, Normal Flat Plates Ae Gharib
Wintenberger, Eric Application of Steady and Unsteady Detonation Waves to Propulsion Ae Shepherd
Yang, Qiang Thermomechanical Variational Principles for Dissipative Materials with Application to Strain Localization in Bulk Metallic Glasses Ae Ortiz
Arienti, Marco A Numerical and Analytical Study of Detonation Diffraction Ae Shepherd
Austin, Joanna Maria Karol The Role of Instability in Gaseous Detonation Ae Shepherd
Koslowski, Marisol A Phase-Field Model of Dislocations in Ductile Single Crystals Ae Ortiz
Kumar, Sanjay An Experimental Investigation of Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability Ae Hornung, Sturtevant
Lew, Adrián José Variational Time Integrators in Computational Solid Mechanics Ae Ortiz
Pottebaum, Tait Sherman The Relationship Between Near-Wake Structure and Heat Transfer for an Oscillating Circular Cylinder in Cross-Flow Ae Gharib
Thoutireddy, Pururav Variational Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Method Ae Ortiz
Chasiotis, Ioannis The Strength of Polycrystalline Silicon at the Micro- and Nano-Scales with Applications to MEMS Ae Knauss
González Liñero, Luis Global Fracture Analysis of Laminated Composite Materials for Aerospace Structures Ae Knauss
Nguyen, Olivier Thanh Cohesive Models of Fatigue Crack Growth and Stress-Corrosion Cracking Ae Ortiz
Xu, Luoyu Roy Dynamic Failure Characteristics in Layered Materials and Structures Ae Rosakis
Zhuang, Shiming Shock Wave Propagation in Periodically Layered Composites Ae Ravichandran
Burcsu, Eric Noboru Investigation of Large Strain Actuation in Barium Titanate Ae Ravichandran
Chow, Benjamin Bin Application of dynamic fracture mechanics to the investigation of catastrophic failure in aircraft structures Ae Rosakis, Ravichandran
Coker, Demirkan Dynamic Initiation and Propagation of Cracks in Unidirectional Composite Plates Ae Rosakis
Duchemin, Olivier Bernard An investigation of ion engine erosion by low energy sputtering Ae Culick
Eckett, Christopher Adam Numerical and Analytical Studies of the Dynamics of Gaseous Detonations Ae Shepherd
Guduru, Pradeep Reddy An investigation of dynamic failure events in steels using full field high-speed infrared thermography and high-speed photography Ae Rosakis
Huang, Ying Scanning tunneling microscopy and digital image correlation in nanomechanics investigations Ae Knauss
Isella, Giorgio Carlo Modeling and Simulation of Combustion Chamber and Propellant Dynamics and Issues in Active Control of Combustion Instabilities Ae Culick
Krueger, Paul Samuel The Significance of Vortex Ring Formation and Nozzle Exit Over-Pressure to Pulsatile Jet Propulsion Ae Gharib
Lokhandwalla, Murtuza Damage mechanisms in shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) Ae Sturtevant
Molinari, Jean-Francois Roland Three dimensional finite element analysis of impact damage and erosion of metallic targets Ae Ortiz
Ol, Michael Volf The Passage Toward Stall of Nonslender Delta Wings at Low Reynolds Number Ae Gharib
Rasheed, Adam Passive hypervelocity boundary layer control using an acoustically absortive surface Ae Hornung
Samudrala, Omprakash Subsonic and intersonic crack growth along weak planes and bimaterial interfaces Ae Knauss, Rosakis
Sane, Sandeep Bhalchandra Time-dependent compressibility of poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) : an experimental and molecular dynamics investigation Ae Knauss
Seywert, Claude N. L. Combustion instabilities : issues in modeling and control Ae Culick
Shan, Wei-Jen Jerry Mixing and isosurface geometry in turbulent transverse jets Ae Dimotakis
Yu, Chengxiang Rena Three-Dimensional Cohesive Modeling of Impact Damage of Composites Ae Ortiz
Zuhal, Lavi Rizki Formation and Near-Field Dynamics of a Wing Tip Vortex Ae Gharib
Brady, Mark A. Regularized vortex sheet evolution in three dimensions Ae Pozrikidis, Pullin, Leonard
Jeon, David S. On Cylinders Undergoing One- and Two-Degree of Freedom Forced Vibrations in a Steady Flow Ae Gharib
Moeleker, Piet The filtered advection-diffusion equation : Lagrangian methods and modeling Ae Leonard
Schlamp, Stefan Laser-induced thermal acoustic velocimetry Ae Hornung
Schultz, Eric Detonation Diffraction Through an Abrupt Area Expansion Ae Shepherd
Swenson, Grant Douglas Numerical simulations of combustion instabilities in gas turbine combustors, with applications Ae Culick, Zukoski
Voelkl, Tobias A physical-space version of the stretched-vortex subgrid-stress model for large-eddy simulation of incompressible flow Ae Pullin
Bond, Christopher Llewellyn Reynolds number effects on mixing in the turbulent shear layer Ae Dimotakis
Davis, Jean-Paul High-enthalpy shock/boundary-layer interaction on a double wedge Ae Sturtevant, Hornung
Gharib, Mohammad Reza Vortex-induced vibration, absence of lock-in and fluid force deduction Ae
Leyva, Ivett A. Shock detachment process on cones in hypervelocity flows Ae Hornung
Maheo, Patrice Michel Free-Surface Turbulent Shear Flows Ae Gharib
Shariff, Shaun Numerical simulation of viscous reacting hypersonic flow past cones Ae Pullin
Lee, Sangwook Failure of laminated composites at thickness discontinuities under complex loading and elevated temperatures Ae Knauss
Park, Han G. A Study of Heat Transport Processes in the Wake of a Stationary and Oscillating Circular Cylinder Using Digital Particle Image Velocimetry/Thermometry Ae Gharib
Radovitzky, Raul A Error estimation and adaptive meshing in strongly nonlinear dynamic problems Ae Ortiz
Repetto, Eduardo A. On the fatigue behavior of ductile F.C.C. metals Ae Ortiz
Shiels, Doug Simulation of controlled bluff body flow with a viscous vortex method Ae Leonard
Slessor, Michael David Aspects of turbulent-shear-layer dynamics and mixing Ae Dimotakis
Adam, Philippe H. Enthalpy effects on hypervelocity boundary layers Ae Hornung
Hodowany, Jon On the conversion of plastic work into heat Ae Ravichandran, Rosakis
Krok, James Christopher Jet Initiation of Deflagration and Detonation Ae Shepherd
Lu, Hongbing Nonlinear thermo-mechanical behavior of polymers under multiaxial loading Ae Knauss
Noca, Flavio On the evaluation of time-dependent fluid-dynamic forces on bluff bodies Ae Roshko
Papalexandris, Miltiadis Vassilios Unsplit numerical schemes for hyperbolic systems of conservation laws with source terms Ae Leonard
Prochazka, Aurelius Stability and structure of stretched vortices Ae Pullin
Warncke, Amy E. The Effects of Surfactants on Free-Surface Flows Ae Gharib
Burnley, Victor Scott Nonlinear Combustion Instabilities and Stochastic Sources Ae Culick
Cates, Joseph Eugene Studies of shock wave focusing using geometrical shock dynamics Ae
Catrakis, Haris J. Mixing and the Geometry of Isosurfaces in Turbulent Jets Ae Dimotakis
Howard, Danny Dwayne Part I. Mechanisms of injury associated with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy; Part II. Exsolution of volatiles Ae Sturtevant
Kuzo, David Matthew An experimental study of the turbulent transverse jet Ae
Moore, Cyrille Dennis Experiments in axisymmetric supersonic jets Ae Roshko
Moore, Kevin C. Experiments on the interaction of a coflowing light gas jet with a weak oblique shock wave Ae Zukoski
Valluri, Siddhartha Bluff Body Flows in the Presence of a Free Surface Ae Roshko, Gharib
Chen, Weinong Dynamic failure behavior of ceramics under multiaxial compression Ae Ravichandran
Cummings, Eric Bryant Laser-induced thermal acoustics Ae Hornung
Min, Inki A. Transport, stirring and mixing in two-dimensional vortex flows Ae Leonard
Sanderson, Simon Ralph Shock wave interaction in hypervelocity flow Ae Sturtevant, Hornung
Al Juhany, Khalid Ahmed Bin Talal Supersonic Film Cooling Including the Effect of Shock Wave Interaction Ae Hunt
Germain, Patrick The boundary layer on a sharp cone in high-enthalpy flow Ae Hornung
Lambros, John Dynamic decohesion of bimaterial interfaces Ae Rosakis
Vendroux, Guillaume Scanning tunneling microscopy in micromechanics investigations Ae Knauss
Wen, Chihyung Hypervelocity flow over spheres Ae Hornung
Belanger, Jacques Studies of mixing and combustion in hypervelocity flows with hot hydrogen injection Ae Hornung
Bridges, David Henry Tip effects on the vortex wake of an axisymmetric body at angle of attack Ae Hornung
Cardell, Gregory Scott Flow past a circular cylinder with a permeable wake splitter plate Ae Roshko
Geubelle, Philippe H. Nonlinear effects in interfacial fracture Ae Knauss
Hammer, Jay A. Lifted turbulent jet flames Ae Roshko
Koumoutsakos, Petros D. Direct numerical simulations of unsteady separated flows using vortex methods Ae Leonard
Lappas, Tasso An adaptive Lagrangian method for computing 1-D reacting flows, and, The theory of Riemann invariant manifolds for the compressible Euler equations Ae Leonard
Lisoski, Derek Lee Ashton Nominally 2-dimensional flow about a normal flat plate Ae Roshko
Pulos, Guillermo C. Nonsteady crack propagation and craze behavior in PMMA Ae Knauss
Bonazza, Riccardo X-ray measurements of shock-induced mixing at an air/xenon interface Ae Sturtevant, Dimotakis
Budzinski, John Michael Planar Rayleigh Scattering Measurements of Shock Enhanced Mixing Ae Zukoski
Frieler, Clifford Eugene Mixing and reaction in the subsonic 2-D turbulent free shear layer Ae Dimotakis
Lu, Lingyun On the development and application of a modified boundary element method for the analysis of three-dimensional elastostatic problems in thick plates Ae Rosakis
Minahen, Timothy M. Structural instabilities involving time dependent materials : theory and experiment Ae Knauss
Nadiga, Balasubramanya T. A study of multi-speed discrete-velocity gases Ae Sturtevant, Broadwell
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