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Quality customer service is our primary goal and defines our success. We like to say,
"If you can draw it, we can machine it."

The purpose of the GALCIT Shop is to provide instruction, consultation, and machining services to GALCIT students, faculty, and staff. That mission helps the work at GALCIT be increasingly more efficient as researchers improve their design technique, blueprint standards, and overall understanding of machining practices.

In further support of the instructional goals and research facilities at GALCIT, our services serve the maintenance needs of existing labs and the fabrication of new equipment.

As the GALCIT workload allows, we provide these same services to the greater Caltech and JPL communities.

Standard: $70 per hour
*Rush: $105 per hour

*Note there is no guarantee this rate will be available for any specific project as it is subject to the fluctuating workload and current staffing of the shop. See contact tab to ask for current schedule information.

Regular Operating Hours
7:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday

last update: September 20, 2022