Dale I. Pullin

Dale I. Pullin

Robert H. Goddard Professor of Aeronautics

Degrees and Appointments

B.Sc., University of Melbourne, 1966; B.E., University of Sydney, 1968; Ph.D., University of London (Imperial College), 1974. Visiting Associate, Caltech, 1990; Professor, 1991-2006, von Karman Professor, 2006-2017; Goddard Professor, 2017-.


Research Group Matters
Christine Ramirez
267 Guggenheim Lab
(626) 395-4750

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Research Overview

Several active research areas at present; (1) development of large-eddy simulation for high-Reynolds number wall-bounded turbulent flow, particularly bluff-body flows, (2) shock-driven flows in both fluids and solids, (3)  development of new numerical methods for the solution of the Boltzman equation.

List of Research Areas

Computational and theoretical fluid mechanics, vortex dynamics, compressible flow and shock dynamics, turbulence, large-eddy simulation of turbulent flows

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